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15/01/2014 KOTAI
  • Video of test version with SDL2

13/03/2012 KOTAI
  • This week I was the guest of VICIADOS PODCAST to talk (in spanish) about my games and Konami in the MSX system.

29/02/2012 KOTAI
  • I upload the 99 stages to the web so that the scores and hi-scores are properly recorded. Now we can see who is the best player of Bubble Bobble because the scores are recorded on the web.
Clasica 085
author: Arilou
create: 29/02/2012
update: 29/02/2012
version: 1
level: 1
hi score: 118440
hi author: SEWERYN
downloads: 1604

05/01/2012 KOTAI
  • KotaiUpdates alert you of online games, friends online, replys in tagboard, news, new hi-scores...

Kotai Updates V0.94

27/12/2011 KOTAI
  • Try the new game Kotai, Penguin Adventure.

    Do not be confused by penguins, in essence this is a racing game in the style of Mario Kart.

    The princess of our realm is very ill and only a golden apple can save her life, but will not be easy to get. It requires 12 stages and after getting the apple another 12 stages, in total 24 stages .
    Luckily we are not alone, in the mission we can go up to 8 friends online mode.

    Like all my other games this is a free game [/color][/b] with online mode up to 8 players and ranking on the web as well as the stage editor so you can create your own stages and share with the community.

    The princess is dying... what are you waiting for?

25/12/2011 KOTAI

Merry Christmas

12/09/2011 KOTAI
  • New version 0.06 with ray, fire, water and letter bubbles

Test version 0.06A (only update)

08/09/2011 KOTAI
  • KotaiUpdates now works with the new Web server. I remember you that it is an application that alerts you of online games, messages, online friends and updates of Kotai games.

Kotai Updates V0.93

02/09/2011 KOTAI
  • The server change was successful. You can use the tagboard and upload stages.

02/09/2011 KOTAI
  • During the next few hours will change the web server and can idle a few minutes. The TagBoard comments or upload stages that will now be lost. It let you know when the change is complete.


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