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06/12/2010 KOTAI
  • Kh2playa brings its new and spectacular stage Zone Delta and also updated 3 stages
Zone Delta
author: Kh2playa
create: 06/12/2010
update: 28/09/2014
version: 6
level: 1
hi score: 452300
hi author: peterdao
downloads: 4225

The Horizon
author: Kh2playa
create: 18/01/2010
update: 10/05/2011
version: 6
level: 1
hi score: 290800
hi author: peterdao
downloads: 1866

create: //
update: //
hi score:
hi author:

Desert Rush
author: Kh2playa
create: 07/09/2010
update: 10/07/2014
version: 5
level: 3
hi score: 381100
hi author: dtc
downloads: 2845

11/11/2010 KOTAI
  • New version 0.50B
    • The enemy "Option Hunter" does not kill the players
    • New sounds in the menus and collision with the barrier
    • The enemy Worm is no longer kept spinning around the players
    • Bosses still firing although only view means body on the screen
    • The name of the stage no longer leaves the display
    • In selecting a new map if pressing SHIFT goes from 5 to 5 and if pressing CTRL goes from 10 in 10
    • New boss Worm which is divided in half

Oficial version 0.50B (only update for 0.50A)

07/11/2010 KOTAI
  • New version 0.50A
    • Upadated movement online of bosses BrainGolem and Riot
    • Corrected the leap into the shooting to the base15
    • Synchronization Online of the Z in the enemies
    • Is no longer create several instances of the enemies when a player comes late
    • Corrected the bug that when just the time if you have 0 lives do not kill
    • Even though we have a negative scroll we cannot go further than the margins of map
    • Arranged the music of GameOver and EndLevel that cut
    • Enemies shoot from the center
    • Added the enemy who steals options

Oficial version 0.50A (only update for 0.47A or latter)

06/11/2010 KOTAI
  • In the third number of the magazine Pascal Gamer Magazine published the results of the "Supercool Summer Screenshot Contest", a contest to find the best screenshot of games developed in Pascal/Delphi, in which 2 games of Kotai are in the TOP 10, with MiniRacingOnline being the game winner and Castlevania Online in the 10th position.

  • In addition to the section of news of the magazine says the last Kotai's project, Castlevania Online:

30/10/2010 KOTAI
  • New versión 0.49A:
    • We can change the graphic of the capsules
    • We can create 1UP capsules and capsules of points
    • Fixed lag problem scroll/ship when not enought FPS
    • Revised the movement of all enemies with vertical scroll
    • When the speed is locked, the speedometer is in gray
    • If you hide the chat the cockpit is made transparent to see the stage
    • When you load stageloads the graphics without having to wait to enter
    • When the server switches to stage will load instantly on all clients
    • Added a new event "End Stage"
    • With StageEditor we can change the indestructible property of the enemies

Oficial version 0.49A (only update for 0.47A or latter)


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