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27/11/2008 KOTAI
  • I have found a bug that does the hi-scores are wrong. When we kill a boss they give us 5000 points, but this bug does that while he is falling down and exploiting, for every extra hit they give us 5000 points, and in case of the laser they can be up to 10 hits for every laser what does that the hi-scores are so big. I am preparing a new version with this bug solved and the one that does the scroll not stop at bosses. When new version ready I will have to delete all scores. I am sorry.
26/11/2008 KOTAI
  • The Tetran have create a Spacious Valleys
Spacious Valleys
author: Tetran
create: 26/11/2008
update: 15/03/2012
version: 6
level: 2
hi score: 196600
hi author: egr
downloads: 2827

25/11/2008 KOTAI
  • speedup translate game to italian

Italian languje by speedup

    All stages and previous scores have delete because already they are not compatible with the new version. At the moment only first and two Nemesis's stages are upload, but I will be uploading more stages.
    The people who create stages with the new improved stage editor who sends them me to kotai@remakesonline.com and if they have sufficient quality they will be upload to the web. If you create a new languaje, please send me for upload.

Version 0.21A

10/11/2008 KOTAI
  • New test version with stage editor at 99% and online at 98%. I have created a new stage in which we fight against 3 bosses in order that you see in the stage editor like they do the stages.

Version 0.20A

27/10/2008 KOTAI
  • I have add new snaps at Album Nemesis Online, for next version 0,20. You can see 3 new bosses and new score title and select weapon.
    Probably I launch version v0.20 for the weekend.

23/10/2008 KOTAI
  • Some new enemys from new version (next week)

14/09/2008 KOTAI
  • New version 0.10 with improvements in the stage editor. Due to the changes the previous stages already do not serve and it is necessary to turn them to going download. The hiscores have deleted

Version 0.10A

08/09/2008 KOTAI
  • I have upload a new update for solved some bug and add fire balls in sun stage.
    This is a update, you need full version to update work.

Version 0.09B

06/09/2008 KOTAI
  • Web page finisehd.
    Now I continue with game development.


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